About Us

Central Bank

What does the Central Bank of Ireland do?

Find out more about the Central Bank of Ireland in our animated explainer series.

Our Mission

The Central Bank of Ireland serves the public interest by safeguarding monetary and financial stability and by working to ensure that the financial system operates in the best interests of consumers and the wider economy.

Our Vision

One Bank: Trusted by the Public, Respected by our Peers, Fulfilling Workplace for our People.

Trusted by the Public

A trusted organisation that is working towards the public good in a transparent, effective and accountable way.

Respected by our Peers

Regarded by our peers at home and abroad as credible and working constructively to help influence and shape the best outcomes for the public good.

Fulfilling Workplace for our People

Where our people are committed to excellence in the delivery of our mandate, have the opportunity to build fulfilling careers and reach their potential, and feel valued in an environment that supports diversity and inclusion.

Our Strategy

Our Mission and Vision Statements are central to informing what we do and how we operate, and are reflected in our Strategic Plan 2019–2021, which sets out our five strategic themes.

These themes will collectively contribute to the delivery of our wider statutory and organisational objectives.

Strategic Plan

Our Governance Framework

The Central Bank’s Governance Framework consolidates and summarises our organisational structures, governance and decision making processes. Supporting this is the Responsibilities of Senior Leaders at the Central Bank of Ireland document, which describes the responsibilities of the members of the Central Bank’s senior leadership team.

Governance Framework | pdf 494 KB Responsibilities of Senior Leaders at the Central Bank of Ireland | pdf 968 KB

Our Principles

  • Primacy of the Public Interest
  • Working with Integrity and Transparency
  • Respecting and Valuing Each Other as Colleagues
  • Creating a Fulfilling and Progressive Work Environment
  • Encouraging Vigorous Debate, Constructive Challenge and Effective Risk Mitigation
  • Being Accountable for Our Performance
  • Operating Effectively and Efficiently
  • Collaborating and Working as a Team to Achieve our Goals

Our Priority Behaviours

  • Challenge Constructively
  • Deliver on Commitments
  • Lead the Way Forward
  • Collaborate and Share
  • Develop Self and Others
  • Initiate Improvements

Our History

In 2018, the Central Bank celebrated the 75th anniversary of its establishment. Our anniversary booklet provides more information on the early history of the Central Bank right through to 2018:

75th Anniversary Brochure | pdf 3356 KB