Insurance Corporations Statistics – Q3 2019

Publication date: 06 December 2019 

Key Points

  • The Insurance Corporation (IC) Statistics have been expanded to include additional details concerning the issuers of equity holdings, the maturity brackets and issuers of debt security holdings.
  • Debt securities with original maturities over 2 years account for over 95 per cent of debt securities held by ICs.
  • Equity holdings of ICs issued by Euro area residents increased by €1.5 billion over the year to stand at €10.5 billion.

Summary Charts

Chart 1: Over 70 per cent of equities held by ICs are issued by non-Euro area residents, Q3 2019

Euro Area Equity

Chart 2: Equity issued by Non-Financial Corporations (NFCs) accounts for 74 per cent of all equity held by ICs, Q3 2019

Private Sector Equity

Chart 3: Holdings of debt securities with original maturities of less than two years has fallen by €800 million over the year to stand at €2.4 billion

Debt Security Maturities

This statistical release references outstanding amounts for assets and liabilities of insurance corporations resident in Ireland.

Related Data Sets

Download the Insurance Corporation Statistics tables in CSV format.

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