Schedule of Activities (17 - 21 June 2019)

Tuesday 18 June

Statistics: Private Household Credit and Deposits: Q1 2019

Publication: Two Economic Letters: "Understanding the Euro Area Current Account" & "Factor Income and the Euro Area Current Account"

Wednesday 19 June

Publication: Financial Stability Note "Non-bank involvement in the Irish commercial property market: ownership of physical assets"

Oireachtas: Appearance at Special Select Committee on the UK from the EU - Mark Cassidy and Gina Fitzgerald

Thursday 20 June

Publication: Consumer Protection Bulletin – current account switching

Statistics: Template on International Reserves

Friday 21 June

Financial Stability Note: A vulnerability analysis of Irish SME credit exposures


This notice is for your information only and is provided as an aid for planning purposes. Our schedule is subject to change and events may not proceed as outlined.