Exchange of Banknotes and Coins

Central Bank of Ireland withdraws damaged genuine euro banknotes and coins from circulation. Members of the public and businesses have a role to play in maintaining the quality of banknotes by submitting damaged genuine euro banknotes and coins to the Central Bank. These submissions are analysed and reimbursed where applicable, as we do not offer an “in person” exchange facility.

Examples of damaged banknotes include those that are partially burnt, cut or decomposed. As a general rule, you will be reimbursed if you present more than half of a damaged genuine euro or Irish banknote.

The Public Office at the Central Bank is open from 13:00 - 15:30 Monday - Friday.  Please see Option 2 below for more details.

We do not offer a foreign exchange service.

Exchanging Irish Banknotes and Coins (IR£)

We provide a service for the exchange of all Irish pound banknotes or coins, issued for circulation by the Central Bank of Ireland, for euro (exchange rate £1 = €1.269738).

To avail of this, please complete the relevant form(s) below and submit it/them with your banknotes and/or coins. As direct exchange is unavailable, we will provide a euro transfer to the bank account you list on the form.

Exchange of IR£ Banknotes | pdf 831 KB Nótaí bainc IR a mhalartú | pdf 810 KB Exchange of IR£ Coins | pdf 897 KB Monaí IR a mhalartú | pdf 803 KB

Exchanging Damaged Euro Banknotes and Coins (€)

We can exchange your damaged euro banknotes and coins. To do this, please complete the relevant form(s) below and submit it/them with your euro banknotes and/or coins. We will deposit the value of all your submissions directly into your nominated bank account.

Exchange of Damaged Euro Coins | pdf 890 KB Monaí Damáistithe Euro a Mhalartú | pdf 805 KB Exchange of Damaged Euro Banknotes | pdf 894 KB Nótaí Bainc Damáistithe Euro a Mhalartú | pdf 811 KB

Process for Exchanging Banknotes and Coins

Applicants must complete both pages of the correct form, making sure to include:

  • The currency being submitted
  • Bank account details for reimbursement
  • In the case of submissions over €100, a photocopy of a valid form of photo ID (e.g. driver’s licence or passport). We retain the right to ask for ID and proof of address in all cases.

Submissions on behalf of businesses, which exceed €100, should include a redacted bank statement (showing company name and address) and the Company Registration Office number instead of photo ID. We will return incomplete applications.

How to Submit your Application

There are 2 options when submitting your application to the Central Bank:

Option 1: Via a High Street Bank

This option is applicable to damaged euro banknotes only. Complete the appropriate Central Bank exchange form at your local commercial bank, which will submit your application directly to the Central Bank on your behalf.

Option 2: At the Central Bank's Public Office

Complete the appropriate form and submit it via the Central Bank's Public Office at North Wall Quay, Dublin 1. The facility is available from 9:30am to 4pm, Monday – Friday. Place your completed form(s) in the security bag provided. Our onsite teller will then provide you with a receipt. We cannot provide over-the-counter cash equal in value to your exchanged banknotes/coins.

Note: A maximum limit of 10kg applies to all coin lodgements.

Subject to the lodgement satisfying the Central Bank’s verification/authentication process, we will then make a payment directly into your nominated bank account for the appropriate amount, usually within 20 working days. This can take substantially longer depending on the circumstances.

Policies and Conditions


If you have any queries, please contact us.