BIS Survey on Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Markets

The 11th Triennial Survey of turnover in foreign exchange spot markets, as well as foreign exchange and interest rate OTC derivatives markets, will be conducted in April 2016. Data on the outstanding notional amounts and gross market values of foreign exchange, interest rate, equity, commodity, credit and other OTC derivatives contracts will be collected at end-June 2016 for markets worldwide. Please find reporting templates, reporting guidelines and list of reporting dealers below (when available). Please only use these versions of the reporting templates. We will inform participants via email if there are any updates to the documents below.

Turnover in April 2016 Results of Irish Survey:

Press Release | pdf 132 KB Template | xlsx 269 KB

Amounts Outstanding at end-June 2016 (Reporting deadline 31 August 2016):

Outstanding Reporting Template | xlsx 245 KB Outstanding Reporting Guidelines | pdf 284 KB

Frequently Asked Questions

A FAQ document has also been provided by the BIS

Frequently Asked Questions | pdf 192 KB

List of Reporting Entities

The final list of reporting dealers for the turnover section

List of Reporting Dealers Turnover Survey | xlsx 111 KB

The final list of reporting dealers for the outstanding section:

List of Reporting Dealers Outstanding Survey | xlsx 34 KB

BIS Global Results

The global results can be found here